Oman – Muscat

I’m very thankful for Nashwa to give me the opportunity of writing on her wonderful blog.

Unfortunately, my visit to Oman was very short (few hours only). It was wonderful visit though. I hope to make it longer next time. The capital, Muscat, is beautiful city with an amazing weather nowadays. You’ll enjoy your time outdoor there for sure. Not to mention their tasty food and shopping at their old market.


Coastal Area

Mutrah Souq

The Grand Mosque

Short Video:

One post about Oman is not enough for sure. Hope I can post more later.


45 thoughts on “Oman – Muscat

      1. I think a Mideast tour is in order! We see such awful things on the news but the countries there are very striking and beautiful. I imagine lots of heat (which I LOVE) and fragrant smells of spices and flowers. Oooh and the markets. I think I could get into a lot of trouble in the markets. My suitcase would be full and my wallet empty on the trip home! 😉 ❤️

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  1. It was hard for me earlier to even imagine what interesting attractions, this desert country could offer, but I must say I’m quite surprised to find how much liveliness can be hidden in a place as bare and parched as a desert and those pictures of yours holds the truth. 🙂

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