Traveling: a Strange Sense of Empowerment

Whether you are taking-off permanently or temporarily, the moment you are left alone in an airport or in the car you will sense a strange feeling of empowerment. You might realize that from this moment onward, you might actually have only yourself to rely on and trust. This strength earned from traveling is generated from some encounters and feelings that traveling forces on the traveler.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



First, wherever you are headed to and wherever you are leaving, you are always leaving something behind. If you are not leaving family, friends, loved ones, furry friends, then you are probably leaving memories. Memories create an everlasting bond that you wish you would go back to. You always hear travelers saying “I have to come here again!” but, how likely is this to happen. For that reason, the ability to move on while leaving things behind provides the traveler with a lot of strength.

Additionally, when you are in a new place, you are forced to make relationships and meet new faces and personalities. You will also be forced (to an extent) to deal with the local norms and at least listen to the locals’ issues and struggles that are completely different from yours. Eventually, you as a traveler, will become more accepting of anything different from what you know and what you are used to. Unlike people who were sheltered and spent their lives dealing with only the same kind of mentalities, you will be exposed to new ideologies and your process of thinking will automatically expand and nourish over time.

Finally, traveling taught me not to take things for granted! When am traveling I realize that I am not and will not be in this same place with these people forever. Hence, I learned to optimize time in the best way possible to take advantage and immerse in the place and with the people before heading back to where I came from!

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka






Do you have that same feeling of empowerment from traveling or do you have a different perspective?! 🙂