About Me!

20171030_225252While, I would love if you connect and talk with me; here is a quick “about me.” I am Egyptian, born and raised in the country that I dearly call my safe haven, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  I love: traveling, eating, cycling, swimming (especially in rivers and waterfalls <3), partying, writing (duh!), reading and meeting new people (and animals). While I traveled around 20 countries (and I can’t wait to visit more), people who grew up in UAE know that we were privileged enough to have relationships with people from around the world and from different cultures and religions. I believe my upbringing and this exposure to different cultures have majorly contributed to the fact that I think (a bit too much sometimes) and wonder about many things.  It’s a lot more fun and nourishing though when we think and wonder together! Also, I came to believe that the best way of living is to find a “balance” between any two extremes that we face and that should be the best balance that suit us as unique individuals and will help us live a comfortable life. I am not even sure if I have reached what I call “balance,” but am very hopeful…so, let’s see! 😊


10 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. ممكن أن تحلق بحرية في أي اتجاه
    ممكن أن تطير بسهولة في اتجاه الريح او تنطلق بعناد في الإتجاه المعاكس
    لكن الصعب ان تحلق متوازنا
    ليس للحرية قيمة دون التوازن
    ليس للتحليق معنا بلا توازن

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