That Balance!

A very warm welcome to my Blog: Find Balance. I’ve started this blog in an attempt to invite profound thinking of daily routines, lifestyles, struggles, expectations, cultural differences, and any matter that might be interpreted and seen from different perspectives. I am not exactly providing advice; however, I’d like to express some of my confused thoughts on any of the above-mentioned matters and see if I will eventually be able to reach a meaningful conclusion. Hence, I would like to invite your very unique selves to subscribe, read my posts, share, and add your point of views hoping that together we can eventually… well…find balance…the very unique balance that fits each one of us and our very unique identities.


17 thoughts on “That Balance!

  1. Interesting! One thing I’ve found about balance is that it’s ever-elusive — it seems like the moment I find a routine that’s balanced for my own life, my situation changes and upsets everything all over again.

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  2. what a great concept for a blog! I think mindfulness and balance are keys to a happy and peaceful life, especially nowadays where the world makes us feel so stressed all the time…
    good luck for your blog’s future!

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